Acute Care

Primary care not only offers an opportunity to discuss disease prevention and management, but can also be instrumental in times when prompt care is more appropriate.

Important notice!

If you are in an emergent situation and need immediate medical attention, please call 911.

Providing swift solutions in healthcare

Acute care refers to caring for non-emergent, time-sensitive conditions such as infection, injury, and pain. Examples may include injuries, upper respiratory infections such as colds and flus, urinary tract infections, abdominal pain, etc.

Some ailments require a visit to the emergency department rather than your primary care physician. Sudden onset weakness, loss of consciousness, or chest pain should be evaluated in the emergency department as they may be signs of a heart attack or stroke.

Questions about acute care

Acute care is available at varying levels in primary care clinics, urgent cares, and hospitals. Based on the intensity and urgency of your condition, injury, or illness, you may seek care at either one of these kinds of healthcare facilities.
We try our best to accommodate same-day appointments for patients experiencing acute illness or injury. Feel free to call our office to find out if a same-day appointment is available or if you can be put on a waiting list if any cancellations occur.
No, unfortunately we do not have an x-ray machine or technician within our facility. However, we are located in close proximity to imaging centers that usually offer walk-ins for x-rays should your provider order an x-ray for you.

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